This is beautiful. Thanks for being our family historian and the keeper of our shared memories.

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The line about being an orphan hits home, my friend. In another context, however, that is inaccurate for the parental imprint is eternal. And those of us blessed with stalwart parents are lucky. Take cure, John. I'm thinking of you.

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Hi John, So sorry to hear about your lovely parents death. I, like you, am glad that they went so close together, and each at their home! The wonders of true and everlasting love...

I just love to read your stores that you share so well. I feel that I can smell the vanilla scented sun-warmed Jeffrey Pines, probably the bark like you said, but I probably have believed it's the needles that I smell, and I'm not sure that it is a Jeffery Pine, but I just love the analogy! So thanks.

Can't wait to learn through your adventurous story telling where you and Les, will be going next. Take care, and "Hi" to Les.


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